Cocovit | Coconut Oil - 8 oz


The coconut is nature's most lasting gift to beauty. Potent enzymes and nutrients contained within this miracle fruit have been used for centuries to heal and nourish skin and hair. Cocovit Coconut Oil is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and free of parabens, GMOs and chemicals. There are no added preservatives or laboratory ingredients. Cocovit Coconut Oil is USDA and Fair Trade USA certified and cruelty free. 

The Ritual - The oil deeply conditions hair from the inside out providing protein, thickening your hair, promoting re-growth, preventing hair loss and eliminating dandruff.  It is also an exceptional moisturizer due to its stability & resistance to oxidation. Additionaly use as an eye-makeup & make-up remover, cuticle softener, shaving balm, diaper rash and more. 

Ingredients - 100% Raw Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oill, Certified USDA Organic.

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