what is hara?

A marketplace of the best toxin-free beauty brands

Shopping with HARA clean beauty means the hard work is done. We curate and bring in only the safest, cleanest, high-performing brands and products. Every item in the shop is hand-picked because it works, it fufills a customer need, feels luxurious, and smells amazing!

Our Promise to you

Hara's Promise

Having clean, non-toxic, yet effective products to care for ourselves means the world to us. So we understand what it means to you. HARA clean beauty and its founder promise to vet products with the same standards we use when lining our own medicine cabinets.

Are you steaming?

Steaming for even 5 minutes once a week will enhance your skin care regimen and give you cleaner calmer skin sal

Begin your steaming ritual today

What Does HARA Mean?

to return to one’s center

HARA is a japanese reference to a space deep in the belly - the energy field of the body. In a deeper meaning HARA means to return to one’s center. Our hope is that the products in our shop will offer you beauty & wellness and help you return to your center.